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Chemical substancesDefinition of a chemical substance

The term “Chemical Substances” refers to chemical elements and their compounds in their natural state or obtained through any production process.
A substance is a single chemical species, but may contain impurities, stabilizers or isomers.

A mixture of two or more chemical substances is referred to as a “preparation.”



Numbering of Chemical Substances

In European Directive 67/548/CEE and its subsequent adaptations, chemical substances are classified by INDEX number. Different isomers with different CAS numbers are classified in the same way for health, safety and the environment, under the same INDEX number.

INDEX number

In the format XXX-XXX-XX-X, this is a European number attributed to dangerous chemical substances in accordance with European regulations on classifying, packaging and labelling dangerous chemical substances.

The official list of dangerous chemical substances published by the European Community is continually updated in Appendix I of Directive 67/548/CEE and its subsequent adaptations.


Seven-digit identification number (XXX-XXX-X) related to European legislation, which must appear on the packaging of dangerous chemical substances.


The European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances (EINECS) is the list of chemical products sold in Europe.
This inventory contains a list of all chemical substances sold on the community market prior to 18th September 1981.

ELINCS number

The European List of Notified Chemical Substances (ELINCS) is the European inventory of chemical products reported as being sold in Europe.
This inventory contains a list of “new” chemical substances introduced to the community market after 18th September 1981.

CAS Number

The CAS number is an international number attributed by the Chemical Abstracts Service to designate a chemical substance.
Following the format XXXXXX-YY-W, the first part of the number (indicated by Xs) may consist of 3 to 6 digits.

Internet Databases

European Chemicals Bureau (ECB) sites offering access to the ESIS database (European Chemical Substances Information System) and to Appendix I of Directive 67/548/CEE.

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